QD Color Tunable Laser (Case 2083)

Principal Investigator:


Arto Nurmikko, PhD, Professor

School of Engineering

Brown University

Providence, RI


Brief Description:


Semiconductor lasers have not yet been able to penetrate the full visible spectrum using a single material system for red, green and blue (RGB) in a seamless and optimized way. There is a need for advanced full color spectrum optical materials and devices that offer higher brightness, efficient throughput, and most importantly, precisely controlled (tunable) synthesis of emission in RGB - enabled by microscale multicolor coherent emitters.


This invention fabricates and exploits the novel material of solution-based, colloidal, optically dense, quantum dots (QD) as a solid thin film platform, for a single material system, as the basis for RGB coherent emitters - across the visible spectrum.  Semiconductor nanocrystals, or QDs, have an ability to absorb and efficiently luminesce across the RGB by simple nanocrystal particle size control within a single material system.  Single exciton-based optical gain, which overcomes the hindrance of non-radiative recombination processes, and full color stimulated emission from nanocrystal films has been achieved from a relatively single, low-cost material.


Applications are in the development of display and light emitting technologies, such as nondestructive laser projection systems for handheld devices or large area screens.  Markets are broad and include any requiring high performance optics and lighting:  computer, mobile phone, sensor and other device displays, optical communications, and in the military, commercial and scientific arenas.




US patent 9,373,931 is issued (06/21/2016)

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