iBCI System to Control Multiple Devices


Until now, brain computer interface (BCI) systems have allowed people with paralysis to control only a single device, often under the guidance of a caretaker or secondary operator. Our novel BCI system enables users to control multiple devices, switching among them under their own volition.

Market Opportunity

Numerous intracortical BCI systems are in development that can decode neural signals and enable individuals with paralysis to control external devices, such as a desktop PC, tablet, or robotic arm. Adoption of BCI assistive technology by users in the home will require that these complex systems be easily configured, operated, and customized by end users and their caregivers without expert assistance.

 Innovation and Meaningful Advantages

We have created a user interface that can facilitate access to BCI functions and an intuitive and satisfying user experience. The system allows the user to switch among any number of devices that are configured to run the system’s control program and/or are in communication (e.g., via Bluetooth) with a device running the control program. Users experience a previously unreachable level of independence and control of their electronics and/or surroundings, as they not only are able to seamlessly switch between control of devices of matching or differing types and operating systems, but also to more accurately control each device and to calibrate the system on their own without having to wait for a technical expert.

Collaboration Opportunity

We are interested in exploring 1) startup opportunities with investors in the medical device space; 2) research collaborations with leading medical device companies; and 3) licensing opportunities with medical device companies.

Principal Investigator

Leigh Hochberg, MD, PhD
Professor of Engineering
Brown University

IP Information

US Utility Filed, Priority Date November 1, 2021


Melissa Simon, PhD
Director of Business Development,
Brown Tech ID 3181J
Patent Information:
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