Unbreakable Privacy in Cloud Computing

Portfolio of Novel Technologies Enable Trustworthy Cloud Computing by

Non-forgeable Cryptographic Methods


Data privacy.  Users want it.  Cloud services providers want to offer it.  But can privacy be guaranteed with hard certainty?  Now it can.  Developed in the research lab of Roberto Tamassia, PhD, at Brown University, we present a series of novel technologies that enable cloud computing which customers can rely upon to have unbreakable data privacy.


Cloud computing privacy presents several challenges associated with data storage and retrieval.  Current cloud-based data transaction systems either do not address these problems or they do so only partially and inefficiently.


Typically, for any given data access, cloud computing services do not provide a framework to (1) guarantee that all relevant  data is properly retrieved, (2) guarantee that all retrieved data is valid and has not been corrupted and (3) guarantee that user data retrieval patterns cannot be tracked and analyzed so as to ensure user privacy.  This latter issue, data pattern observation, can of course be exploited by unauthorized intruders to access proprietary corporate data or sensitive customer information.  Besides defending against attacks, however, cloud companies may want to offer unbreakable technology systems that prevent anyone, including themselves, from monitoring user behavior. 


Although existing brute-force methods can provide some of these features, the added computational and network traffic overhead is so large as to render these methods impractical in a commercial environment.  The research programs at Brown dedicated to the discovery of solutions to these issues are overseen by Dr. Tamassia, a recognized world leader in computer security and data privacy.  Through many years of research, Brown has developed efficient and provably secure solutions to all the above challenges.  Brown’s technologies guarantee by unforgeable cryptographic approaches that all requested data is properly retrieved, all retrieved data has not been corrupted, and user privacy is fully protected by rendering data retrieval patterns oblivious to the cloud system itself. 


Brown is looking to enter into strategic partnerships with able industry leaders who can rapidly bring these highly sought after capabilities to the marketplace.  The right partner will enjoy access not only to these robust patented technologies but also to the research programs of Dr. Tamassia.


The impressive capabilities of these methods for securing cloud computing systems have been repeatedly validated through a growing body of academic papers published in prestigious peer-reviewed conferences and journals and widely cited around the world.  In addition, proof-of-concept results have been achieved and prototype implementations have been developed at Brown University.  Research is ongoing with anticipated follow-on advancements.  Intellectual property protection includes several families of issued and pending utility patents in the U.S. and in Europe.



•       Data access is made unseen to the cloud server itself, guaranteeing user privacy

•       The cloud server provides a cryptographic guarantee that all requested data is retrieved

•       Likewise guarantees that all retrieved data is valid -- not corrupted

•       Highly efficient, the technology adds little to no overhead to transaction time


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