Compounds for the Treatment and Prevention of Infections(EA) (Case 2165)

Principal Investigator:

Walter Atwood, PhD, Professor

Department of Bio Med Molecular & Cellular Biology Biochemistry

Brown University
Providence, RI

Brief Description:

Common Polyomaviruses can be severe and debilitating in immunocompromised patients with advanced age, HIV or an organ transplant are particularly susceptible.  No effective vaccines or targeted therapies currently exist.


The technology is a group of small molecule inhibitors that have been found to have a positive effect on the treatment or prevention of viral infections such as polyomaviral (JCPV, JCV, BKV) infections.  These novel compounds that block intracellular transport may also be efficacious in other pathogenic conditions associated with endosomal trafficking.  The technology includes methods that may be useful in the treatment of AB5 toxin-secreting pathogens.   Additional diseases that may benefit from this approach:  Ebola, PML, and Dengue.



US patent 9,695,156 is issued (07/04/17).

Patent Information:
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Margaret Shabashevich,
Manager of Operations
Office of Industry Engagement & Commercial Venturing
Brown University
Walter Atwood
Jason Sello
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Daniel Carney
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