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Selenopropyl Silicon Gel and Highly Efficient Metal Scavenger
­ Selenopropyl Silicon Gel and Highly Efficient Metal Scavenger Overview A variety of industries and applications, from the processing of radioactive waste to the development of new pharmaceutical drugs, would benefit greatly from a more sophisticated way to remove or scavenge certain metal ions from a material. Yongsong Huang and colleagues...
Published: 3/15/2022   |   Inventor(s): Yongsong Huang, James Dillon
Category(s): Environmental
Separation, Identification of Organic Compounds (Case 2013)
Principal Investigator: Yongsong Huang, PhD, ProfessorDepartment of Geological Sciences Brown UniversityProvidence, RIBrief Description:This invention is a series of novel chromatographic materials for separating and identifying organic molecules and compounds. Highly useful in detections and analysis of environmental pollutants, pharmarceutical and...
Published: 2/8/2014   |   Inventor(s): Yongsong Huang, Jose Aponte, Rafael Tarozo, James Dillon
Category(s): Research Tools
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