Tunable Inverse Pendulum Vibration Isolation System (Case 1682)

Principal Investigator: 


Kyung-Suk Kim, PhD, Professor
School of Engineering
Brown University

Providence, RI


Brief Description:


The present invention is a vibration isolation system in which two resonant systems are coupled to isolate an object or structure, such as equipment or workpiece, a foundation, or the like, from transverse vibration motion. The first system incorporates self-righting “inverted” pendulum assemblies each supported on the floor or ground via convexly curved feet that tend to rock when excited by transverse vibration. The second system incorporates a granite table of large mass suspended at several points from the inverse pendulum assembly. The present vibration isolation system is able to reduce the natural frequency of the system to less than most excitation frequencies, so that the table does not vibrate when subjected to the excitation vibration.


The advantage of this system includes alleviating the need for expensive pneumatic devices, easily damaged and short lasting rubber feet, rubber mounts, gel pads, and other currently known vibration isolation systems.




US patent 7,543,791 is Issued (06/09/2009)

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