Compositions for Neuroblastoma (Case 1977)



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Providence, RI        


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Despite the existence of a number of drugs which have proven useful in treating cancer, there remains a need to find and use additional drugs which have comparatively lower toxic side effects, can be used to overcome drug resistance, or act through new mechanisms.


The pro-apoptotic action of a novel compound, bromoacetoxycalcidol (B3CD), and derivatives is described in the present invention. The present invention demonstrates the unexpected effect of calcidriol derivatives as anti-angiogenics that inhibit cancer cell proliferation and promote apoptosis of cancer cells. Although structurally related to calcidiol which is biologically inert though abundant in serum, the small molecules of the present invention show activity against several types of cancer types including breast, prostate and epithelial and is particularly effective against neuroblastoma. Moreover, B3CD shows no toxicity in murine models.




US patent 8,853,188 is issued (10/07/2014)

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